Set Top Box(STB) Basics

This page covers Set Top Box basics which is also referred as STB.

The digital device which connects between dish antenna and television set and used to select different TV channels as per user choice is called set top box. Dish antenna receives satellite signals consisting of different broadcast channels from broadcast channel providers across the globe. With the help of built in tuning circuit, set top box selects one channel among these received channels.

set top box

Set top boxes are used for not one but for many applications. It includes digital satellite receiver, digital cable receiver, digital terrestrial receiver and digital IP TV. As shown in figure next generation set top boxes can be connected with many home devices/equipments such as tablet, PS3 play station, laptop, TV, XBOX video game console unit and so on.

Set top box typical specifications

set top box block diagram

Figure above depicts set top box block diagram, which is self explanatory. From this following set top box specifications can be derived.
• Satellite input with 75 ohm connector of female type
• Output video 1 x RCA type
• Output audio 2 x RCA type
• RF output, 75 Ohm male connector
• supports DVB-S System compliant to EN 3000421
• QPSK modulation
• C/N ratio and symbol rate is compliant to DVB-S standard
• Input level per carrier is about -65dBm(Min) and -25dBm(Max)
• supports PAL-B for VHF and PAL-G for UHF in the modulation
•  supports RF output channel as VHF 3/4 OR Agile/UHF

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