IoT based Fall detection system architecture for elderly people

This page describes IoT based Fall detection system architecture for elderly people. It mentions benefits or advantages of IoT Fall detection system.

The idea of such system has been inspired due to the fact that elderly people are dying and getting critically injured due to falling. Most of the elderly people are suffering from joint pain, back pain, knee pain etc. Moreover some of them are confined to bed as they are not able to walk. The falling of elderly people is more evident as their power diminishes due to ageing.

Falls pose a serious challenge to the elderly people suffering from heart diseases. The IoT based fall detection system described in this article helps elderly people by informing their caretakers about their fall in order to draw immediate attention and to take necessary actions in order to save the falled person.

IoT based Fall detection system architecture

IoT based Fall Detection System architecture

➤The figure-1 depicts architecture of IoT Fall detection System. As shown wearable housing accelerometer sensor and gyroscope sensor are worn on both the hands of the elderly people. It can also be worn like watch. With deliberate falling experiments, threshold values of the sensors are derived and stored for reference.
➤The sensors are interfaced with small size ESP32 board. This board contains bluetooth low energy and wifi. The data acquired by sensors are pushed to the cloud storage server such as adafruit. The data can be analyzed either at server or at the ESP32.
➤Based on the comparison between realtime sensor data and stored threshold values the caretaker is being alerted either through call or sms based on his/her registered mobile number.
➤Cellular technology based (GSM or LTE) boards are used in order to provide cellular wireless connectivity.

Advantages of IoT Fall detection system

Following are the benefits or advantages of IoT Fall detection system.
➤The system reduces number of deaths of elderly people.
➤The system relieves tension of caretakers of the elderly people.
➤Moreover the caretakers need not have to be present 24 x 7 with the elderly people and hence it saves time.
➤The system does not cost much due to availability of cheaper components.
➤The system provides immediate first aid by alerting caretakers immediately.

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