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IoT based Smart Retail System Architecture

This page describes IoT based Smart Retail System Architecture for businesses. It mentions benefits or advantages of IoT based Smart Retail System.

IoT (Internet Of Things) based sensors, cloud storage servers and data analytics tools have made it easier to develop smart retail outlets. The system helps in building smarter retail infrastructure and customer relationships.

The system mainly focuses on realtime feedback from customers and utilize data analytics to retain existing customers. It also provides mobile and web app for the customers to gain maximum benefits about positions or racks of the products and consumable items in the retail store. This feedback system helps in accelerating business earnings.

IoT based Smart Retail System

IoT based Smart Retail System Architecture

➤The system obtains feedback from customers in one of the following options viz. Happy, Okay, Unhappy and Terrible. These buttons are connected to the sensors. Such buttons are placed at various locations of the retail store such as Exit door, Billing counter, Item Racks, Parking exit and so on.
➤Immediate attention is provided to customers who presses "Unhappy" or "Terrible" buttons. This increases customer satisfaction and benefits business establishments in many ways.
➤Other than the customer feedback, smart retail system consists of IoT driven surveillance, IoT driven fire and smoke alert system, IoT driven energy, Air conditioners, lights and so on.
➤Moreover smart retail system houses smart parking, smart cleanliness systems, smart washrooms etc.

Benefits or Advantages of IoT based Smart Retail System

Following are the benefits or advantages of IoT based Smart Retail System are as follows.
➤The system is very economical due to inexpensive sensors and other IoT components.
➤The system is very efficient as it collects feedback from customers directly.
➤The system leverages benefits of data analytics tools and machine learning techniques in order to analyze collected data effectively and efficiently. This provides feedback for any future improvements or changes in the retail stores.
➤IoT (Internet of Things) concepts and architecture make retail more and more smarter.
➤It increases revenue of the business.
➤It pulls new customers and also maintains the existing customers.

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