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rf isolator versus rf circulator

This page on rf isolator versus rf circulator describes difference between rf isolator and rf circulator and provides links to rf isolator and rf circulator basics and manufacturers of rf isolator and rf circulator.

RF isolator and rf circulator are made of ferrite material but they have few differences based on applications of their use. This page on RF isolator versus RF circulator lists difference between both.

RF Isolator

RF isolator is a 2 port device. It is unidirectional. It is mainly used to avoid reflections from its output to the input port, hence prevent damage to the device/component connected to its input port. As shown in the figure it can pass signal from 1 to 2 port.

rf isolator versus rf circulator

RF Circulator

RF circulator is a 3 port device. It is mainly used to make use of the single antenna between both the transmitter and receiver by connecting them appropriately at its ports. It can pass signal from (1 to 2)/(2 to 3)/(3 to 1) OR from (3 to 2)/(2 to 1)/(1 to 3) based on clockwise or anti-clockwise design. As shown at port 1 transmitter is connected , port 2 the antenna and port-3 receiver is connected. If the rf circulator is clockwise type, When the signal at port-1 is applied,which is from transmitter,it is transmitted by antenna. And when some signal is received by antenna, it is directed to the receiver connected at port-3.


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